Teenage Girl Succumbs After Another Teen Stabbed Her In Metrobus

A teenage girl died after another teenager stabbed her after they fought inside a Metrobus in Washington D.C., October 17. Police reports indicated that the two were in a fight that led to the victim's death.

In an article published by NBC Washington, the victim, 17-year-old Kaelia Minor was on her way home after doing some dance rehearsal from her school when Kyla Jones, 18, attacked her. Based on what the police have gathered, the two already had their issues for quite some time and it was that night that Jones wasn't able to take it anymore that she ended up killing Minor.

Jones surrendered to the police and was apprehended on October 18. Second-degree murder while being armed was filed as her case. Minor's family was relieved after Jones' arrest. The victim's cousin, Chenna Latta, spoke on behalf of Minor's family saying they forgive Jones for what she did because they believe that God wants them to do so. But they won't deny that they are hurt by what she did.

WTOP also reported this story saying Minor's mother, Docia Proctor, was devastated by the death of her only child. She still couldn't believe and accept that she just lost her child that fast and in that manner. The mother of the deceased teen recalled how beautiful her child was and she felt that her child was taken from her.

Minor was just recently accepted to college, as she was in her senior year at Calvin Coolidge. Her mom said she was even the captain of their school's dance crew and was doing well with her grades academically. It wasn't fair that she just died from a fight with another schoolmate, which no one still knows the reason behind it.

What do you think could be the cause of the feud between the two teenage girls? This is not the first time a teenager was involved in a murder crime. Check out the video below and see another story like this.

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