4-Month-Old Baby Gets Choked By A Former Pastor In Walmart

A 4-month-old's life was placed in danger when a strange man choked him by the checkout lane of a Walmart in Overland Park, Kansas on October 19, 7:23 am. The baby's mother was even there, but the man kept going until someone tried to beat him up just so he would stop.

In an article published by Fox 5 San Diego, Quisha Hill, the mother of the baby, went ahead and reported the incident to the police. It is fortunate that another shopper was there to witness what the man did to the baby or it could've been too late. Nothing serious happened to the baby because the whole situation was under control.

People Magazine also reported this story saying that the stranger, who happens to be a former pastor, approached the mother of the child and even warned her about him taking the baby. The man also told Hill that she better call 911. He then started putting his hands on the baby's neck and did his thing of choking the child.

Hill elaborated that she was at the counter top and was talking to someone in the same line while bagging up her items during that time. Suddenly, some random man approached her and took the car seat from the grocery cart where her baby was seated. It was completely out of the blue that he said he is taking her child and stealing her so she needs to call 911.

The mother of the 4-month-old started shouting asking for help. That is when someone noticed what's going on and tried to help her by tackling the man to stop him from choking the baby. The shopper didn't stop until police showed up in the vicinity. The child turned red for a moment, but went back to normal after a few minutes.

Reports are also saying that the stranger would appear to be high on drugs. What would you do if you were the mom in this situation?

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