Donald Trump Muslim Ban: Impact On Higher Education And Learning Could Cost America $700 Million

It's not just families and the economy that will be grappling with President Donald Trump's executive order to temporarily ban the entry of Muslims in America. This ban will also impact higher education and learning, and analysts say it could cost the country $700 million in losses.

According to The Atlantic, American universities have, for decades, welcomed foreign students because their presence boosts learning opportunities. By having students of different nationalities at universities, the kids can gain more knowledge about other cultures, races and people without having to travel outside America expensively.

Many of these foreign students also come from institutions that have forged solid partnerships with American universities for years. In some cases, these foreign students also end up contributing to America's innovations in science, technology and other important fields.

Since the ban, however, foreign students, especially those who belong to the seven countries listed — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — are feeling the stress. According to Vox, at least 17,000 students are affected by the Muslim ban and many of them are the best and the brightest.

Some are worried to leave the U.S. to visit their homes because they might not be able to go back to finish their studies. Some have deferred enrollment or have chosen to study in Canada and other countries because their status in the U.S. has become uncertain.

The ban is only effective for 90 days or three months but no one can guarantee if this will be lifted or if more countries will be added to the list. If it does continue, the country could lose $700 million from higher education, Bloomberg reports.

"These are very financially desirable students," Professor Robert Kelchen told the news outlet. "These tend to be people who earn quite a bit of money, come up with new innovations, and they tend to pay a lot of taxes."

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