Drinking From Plastic Bottle Linked To Obesity In Pregnant Moms And Their Baby, Study Confirms

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 09, 04:00 am

Pregnant moms who are in the habit of drinking from plastic bottles should cease doing this. A new study confirms its link to obesity and it's harmful to the mother and the baby because of the bottle's BPA composition.

Experts published their latest findings on the effects of BPA, which is also known as chemical bisphenol A, on pregnant moms and their baby in the Endocrine Society journal. The researchers were not surprised by their discovery since several studies on plastic bottles with BPA have already been undertaken and proven. Nevertheless, the study should help increase awareness for mothers and reaffirm the dangers of exposure to the chemicals.

BPA disrupts the hormone leptin, which controls the appetite. This hormone signals the brain to reduce the hunger pangs. When the body is exposed to too much BPA, however, then the leptin becomes less responsive and won't be able to function properly.

Pregnant moms and their baby ingest chemicals that can trigger obesity as a result of drinking from plastic bottles with BPA. The experts conducted their study among mice test subjects.

"Our findings show that bisphenol A can promote obesity in mice by altering the hypothalamic circuits in the brain that regulate feeding behavior and energy balance," Dr. Alfonso Abizaid said. "People need to be aware that environmental factors can lead to increased susceptibility to obesity and cardio-metabolic disorders."

According to Daily Mail, BPA is not just found in plastic bottles. The chemical is also present in plastic food containers, detergents, cosmetics and toys.

Other studies have also confirmed that BPA has been linked to neurological and behavioral disorders and might likely affect a child's IQ. In adults, BPA can exacerbate medical conditions like diabetes, endometriosis, cancer and male infertility.

Pregnant moms should be mindful of how their food and drinks are packaged. According to Parenting, there are plastic bottles labeled with number codes from one to six to indicate BPA or chemical content. Learn which plastic is safest in the video below.

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