Education Technology: The Growing Influence Of EdTech Affects Both Kids And Adults

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 28, 04:00 am

The surge in educational technology (EdTech) shows no sign of slowing down from a tech-inclined person's perspective. There are some people, however, who need more convincing about the influence of EdTech.

Cynics about education technology's results mostly come from adults or parents who did not grow up with technology while learning in schools decades ago. Alex Larkinson of KISS Communications wrote on the Cambridge Network that it took only last decade for schools to pick up on EdTech and the adaptation was gradual for a while.

Part of the reason for this was resistance from adult users who dismissed EdTech as a fad. Even industries were slow to adapt as well given that not everyone is technology-driven. He pointed out, however, that it's these same adult users who are benefiting from today's technological advancements and conveniences like Airbnb, Uber and social media. So, what then does this indicate about the future?

The truth is today's kids or students have a lot going for them when it comes to education technology and they are already growing comfortable in this new environment. Education technology offers customized, self-managed and personalized learning. It also opens several networks for collaboration, which is why it's appealing to users young and old.

Larkinson also cited the most recent Bett 2017 event in London proved the marriage between education and technology was inevitable and its union will only be getting stronger. He pointed to a Wired report that predicted future classrooms will be mostly online because of education technology. Eventually, only 10 universities will remain with physical structures for traditional learning as the rest will hold classes on the internet.

Do you see how influential education technology will become? Does this evolution look exciting or do you still have some reservations? Sound off your thoughts on ed tech in the comments section below!

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