Tough Love Parenting: Dad Trolls Son At NBA Cavaliers-Hornets Game Over Bad Grades

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 29, 04:00 am

Somewhere out there, a young man named Thomas learned a big lesson from his dad over his bad grades. The latter demonstrated what tough love parenting is on live TV during an NBA Cavaliers-Hornets game Friday night.

The dad, whose identity is still unknown, was at the bleachers during the game when he brought out and displayed a huge fan sign for the TV cameras. The message on the sign, however, wasn't meant for any of the NBA players. Instead, it was directed at his son.

"Thomas get your grades back up and next time you'll be here. Love, Dad," the sign read, as per CBS News. The sign also had a Cavaliers logo and tearful emoji as seen in the photo sports photographer Jeremy Brevard snapped below.

Tough love. [Credit: Jeremy Brevard/USA TODAY Sports]

A post shared by espn (@espn) on Mar 25, 2017 at 8:52am PDT

A few days later, the same mystery dad was again at the NBA bleachers, as per Time. He carried another sign for his son that read, "STUDENT then ATHLETE son. In that order."

Netizens have a divided opinion about this dad trolling his son at the NBA games. Some called him "Father of the Year" and commended his tough love parenting method. It brought on the hashtag #parentingwin on social media, according to Daily Mail.

Others, however, believed the dad-shaming was not helpful. They did not agree to the dad embarrassing his son when he could helpful him with school, according to The Root.

As the public was only privy to the two signs the father shared on live TV, no one actually knows how far and how long the dad encouraged his son to work hard in school. He made an effort to craft the signs, which showed he cared for his son's progress, according to Cafe Mom.

Do you think the dad did the right thing or did he cross the line? What are your thoughts about his tough love parenting? Sound off in the comments section below!

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