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San Lorenzo Bikini Show And Hammock Show After Party At W South Beach For SWIMMIAMI 2016

Teens/Young Adults  4 December '16

Eating Disorders 'Anorexia' And 'Bulimia' Causing Death Worldwide?

There has been a growing number of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa among the demographic worldwide.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

Health  27 November '16

Premature Babies And Postterm Babies Deliver Academic Future At Stake?

Recent studies have shown that there is a detrimental effect for babies in their future academic performance when they are born pre-term or post-term.

Protests Continue As Wisconsin Budget Impasse Drags On

Health  27 November '16

Experts Say Pregnant Couples Experiencing Insomnia Is Much More Common, Here's Why

Statistics show that insomnia and other sleeping disorders tend to be much more common during pregnancy and that there are a lot of factors relating to that condition.

Preparations For Halloween Continue As Weekend Festivities Approach

Mind  27 November '16

Scientists Have Discovered A New Way to Eliminate Fear From The Brain Itself!

Scientists have now discovered a way to remove fear from the brain, and the procedure is called Decoded NeuroFeedback

Rate Of Uninsured In Miami Neighborhood Is Over 50 Percent

Health  25 November '16

Lying On One's Back During Pregnancy Causes Stillbirth Risk

Recent studies have shown that lying on one's back during late pregnancy actually increases the risk of stillbirth.

Health Care Activists Offer Free Health Screenings In Los Angeles

Body  24 November '16

Type 2 Diabetes UPDATE: Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable, and there are a number of ways available to avoid the disease.

Family Farmed Expo Reconnects Farmers And Consumers

Body  23 November '16

New Study Suggests 'Butter' As Harmless

Butter has been reported to be detrimental to the health and is relatively unsafe; however, new studies suggest that butter has been known to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Students Start Summer School In Chicago

Homeschooling  17 November '16

Public Education: The Key Towards A More Inclusive Society?

Public education is the key to success as it is the force that seems to unify the nation despite how diversity seems to be prevalent in this society.

Candle Light Vigil Held For 9-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Chicago

Behavior  17 November '16

Parenting and Race: How Do We Talk to Kids About Race?

Parents should know that race is a very much sensitive topic, and that they should be knowledgeable enough to explain to their kids why race is so important or the proper approach when dealing with issues that concern race.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Behavior  16 November '16

Parenting After the Elections: What to Say to the Kids?

In the digital age, little kids already have more access to news outlets that are beyond newspapers, and given the hype that the election had brought upon, parents will definitely need some answers for their kids and the right message given the election results.

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University

School  8 November '16

Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump Debacle On Education: Which Policy Is The Best?

Trump and Clinton agree that there is a growing problem with education especially how students from the United States are behind their counterparts from other countries, and how states could not really afford to maintain schools as some buildings are just left crumbling.

Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State

Infant  7 November '16

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Update: Tips For Parents To Avoid SIDS

Parents do have a role to fulfill in order to lessen the likelihood of their child afflicted with SIDS, and some of these steps are so simple that parents would be surprised they missed it.

Drive, Chip and Putt Championship

Family Life  7 November '16

Parenting Update: Attachment Parenting Vs. Helicopter Parenting

Attachment parenting focuses on the emotional bond or attachment between the parent and the child while Helicopter parenting, however, is focusing too much on the children that it becomes quite irrational and unwarranted.

US Navy Made A Video Warning Their Men About Zombie Drug.

Mind  27 October '16

Rediscovering The Dangers of Flakka; Synthetic Killer Drug That Turns People To Zombies [Attacks Caught on Video]

Flakka is the new designer drug that has been spreading all across Florida, and it has already started popping up on other states such as Texas and Ohio.

Consumers Prepare For Halloween

School Age  24 October '16

Dressing Up As Killer Clowns This Halloween? Think Again

Killer clowns have become rampant today and have spread viral over the news and social media as they murder people while dressing up as clowns causing a bit of hysteria for the people around the neighborhood.


Health/Nutrition  23 October '16

Marijuana [LATEST NEWS & UPDATE]: Marijuana More Than Just The High? Experts Find New Breakthrough

One attribute that Marijuana has been known to give to its users is the ability to get high, and scientists are currently examining the drug more closely to see how it injects the high feeling and its other effects.

Rate Of Uninsured In Miami Neighborhood Is Over 50 Percent

Pregnancy  22 October '16

Wife's Pregnancy and Becoming A Good Husband All The Way Through

Pregnancy is a critical stage for women as they are extremely hormonal and would undergo different levels of pain, which is why husbands should be extra careful with their pregnant wives

Kentucky Grace

Health/Nutrition  22 October '16

Smartphones Ruining Families?; Solutions To Stop It and Achieve Balance

A study suggests that smartphones have been producing a debilitating effect on family life as these items have become distractions in what is supposed to be "quality time" spent with the family. The study was conducted with a sample of 35 parents and caregivers around Boston, probably reflective of the family life around the area.

Safety sign for Marijuana.

Health/Nutrition  22 October '16

More Evidence for Medical Marijuana; More States to Legalize Drug?

Marijuana has been the subject of debate around the world due to the health benefits that it has been claimed to give from people who have tried it. This is why people are pushing for the legalization of marijuana in several states, especially now where more evidence has come to light in the usage of medical marijuana.

Baby Buns' Journey

Pregnancy  22 October '16

Miscarried Baby Girl Survives for Two Hours, Couple says, More than Enough

A miscarried baby girl managed to live in the arms of her mother for two hours, and that is more than enough for the young couple, especially for mom Alyssa Young.

A dog accompanies a child with Autism.

Infant  21 October '16

Superpower Dog Ricochet Helps Kids With Autism, PTSD, Anxiety; Miracle Dog?

A dog named "Ricochet" has been called a "Superpower dog" for the reason that she has been helping children and soldiers recover from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities. Ricochet has been doing wonders as people have built a connection with this dog, and in some miraculous way, have gotten over their fears and anxieties even for just a little while.

Marvel Studios Hall H Panel

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  15 October '16

Marvel 'Doctor Strange' Updates: Producers Accused of Whitewashing?

Tilda Swinton's casting as "The Ancient One" in the upcoming Marvel film, "Doctor Strange" has caused a ruckus as the public has viewed the casting to be a form of whitewashing.

54th New York Film Festival - 'Personal Shopper' Intro and Q&A

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  14 October '16

Kristen Stewart, St. Vincent Dating, Latest News: 'Twilight' Star Has Really Moved On?

Stewart is apparently dating musician St. Vincent. The latter broke up with Cara DeLivingne last summer after dating for over a year.

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