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Ryu Pena

Toddler  21 March '17

Four-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Dies From Strangulation At A Thrift's Store Changing Room

A four-year-old boy died from accidental strangulation.

Car crash

Teens/Young Adults  21 March '17

Grand Rapids Teenager Dies After Car Crash; Police Say Driver Might Have Been Drunk

A teenager died in a crash over the weekend and the police believed the driver could be drunk.

Rico Rodriguez

Teens/Young Adults  21 March '17

Rico Rodriguez Of 'Modern Family' Grieves Over Dad's Sudden Death

The father of Rico Rodriguez died suddenly and the family took to social media to express their grief.

Rockville High School

Teens/Young Adults  20 March '17

Police Continue To Investigate Two Immigrant High School Students Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old Classmate In Maryland

Two immigrant high school students are accused of raping a 14-year-old classmate.

Lee de Paauw

Teens/Young Adults  20 March '17

Teenager Now Recovering After Surviving Crocodile Attack In Queensland, Australia

A teenager is recovering after surviving a crocodile attack.

Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins

Teens/Young Adults  20 March '17

Teacher Abducts Former Student; Authorities Believe Abduction Was Planned

A 15-year-old teen is missing and it is believed her former teacher abducted her.

Frozen pizza recall

Health/Nutrition  20 March '17

California-Based Company Recalls More Than 21,000 Pounds Of Frozen Pizza Due To Listeria Contamination Possibility

A pizza company based in California ordered the recall of more than 21,000 pounds of their frozen pizza product being sold at Walmart due to listeria contamination possibility.

Sesame Street

Autism  20 March '17

New 'Sesame Street' Character Just Arrived; Meet Julia, The First Muppet With Autism

"Sesame Street" has added a new character named Julia, the first Muppet with autism.

President Donald Trump

Health/Nutrition  17 March '17

US President Donald Trump Admits ObamaCare Replacement Will Hurt Supporters, Urges Them To Support Healthcare Policy

The GOP planned healthcare policy will affect a lot of Trump supporters but the president still asked them to support it.

Transgender bathroom bill

Family Life  17 March '17

Why A Popular Oklahoma Restaurant Puts Up A Sign Against Transgender Customers

A popular Oklahoma restaurant put up a sign against transgender customers.

Mama June

News  17 March '17

Mama June, Anna Cardwell Feuding? 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Star's Estranged Daughter Claims Mom Weightloss Due To Fame, Money

Mama June from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" lost weight and it was documented on her new shot but her estranged daughter, Anna Cardwell, believes her mom did not do it for herself but for money and fame.

Grasse High School shooting

Teens/Young Adults  17 March '17

France School Shooting Leaves Three Victims Wounded; 17-Year-Old Armed Teen Now In Custody

An armed 17-year-old teen opened fire at a school in France and wounded three.

Birmingham Women's Hospital Offers Technological Advances In Its Care

Infant  17 March '17

North Carolina Couple Receives Call Over Heart Donor For Their Daughter

A North Carolina couple just received a heart donor for their baby girl after their church offered prayers for her.

Ben Affleck

Dads  16 March '17

Ben Affleck Returns To Family Home After Rehab Stint Announcement, Spotted With Estranged Wife Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck returned to their family home after he announced he went to rehab.

Keri and Royce Young

Pregnancy  16 March '17

Woman Carries Terminally-Ill Baby To Donate Child's Organs After Spending 36 Hours With Her

A woman decided to carry her terminally-ill baby in order to donate her daughter's organs.

Ivana Trump

News  16 March '17

US President Donald Trump's Ex-Wife Ivana To Write Memoir About Raising Their Three Children?

The first wife of President Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, will write a memoir about raising their three children.

Ralph Shortey

Teens/Young Adults  16 March '17

Oklahoma Senate Sanctions Senator Found With Teenage Boy In Motel

An Oklahoma Senator was found with a male teenager in a motel leading to him being sanctioned by the Senate.

Beauty and the Beast

Children  16 March '17

Why A Mother Wants Son To Find Beauty In Beast Amid Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Controversy

A Washington Post contributor, who is also a mom, wrote in her article why she wants her son to find beauty in Beast in the "Beauty and the Beast" Disney flick.

Mykel Peterson

Toddler  15 March '17

Four-Year-Old Vancouver Boy Dies During Dental Filing Procedure; Anesthesia Use Questioned?

A Vancouver boy died after anesthesia was administered during dental routine visit.

Mother-of-six undocumented immigrant

Family Life  15 March '17

Mother-Of-Six Desperate For Miracle, ICE Orders Her To Go Back To Mexico

A mother-of-six, who has been living in the United States for the last 18 years but remained undocumented, as told she has to go back to Mexico.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Health/Nutrition  15 March '17

'SpongeBob SquarePants' Creator Announces ALS Diagnosis, Promises To Continue Working On Cartoon

The creator of "SpongeBob SquarePants" announced he was diagnosed with ALS.

Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  15 March '17

Did Zika Virus Outbreak In Florida Infect Sperm Donations? Scientists Release Announcement

Florida was one of the hotbeds of Zika virus last year and now scientists claim it is possible the sperm donations in the state are infected.

Angelina Jolie

News  15 March '17

Angelina Jolie Raising Kids To Be Avid Readers? Actress Takes Kids To London Bookstore

Angelina Jolie went to a bookstore in London with four kids in tow.

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