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The 2015 Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Gala - Show

Autism  21 May '16

Can Autistic Children Become Successful In Life? This Aspiring Teen Model Is Proving That Autism Won’t Hold Him Back

An 18-year-old aspiring model is showing that autism is not a hindrance in accomplishing one’s goals.

Freezing Temperatures Continue To Grip The Country

Mind  21 May '16

Rare Brain Disorder Prompts 42-Year-Old English Mother To Go Naked In Public; Embarrassing Side Effect Is Ruining Her Life

A mother has a rare brain disorder that causes her to strip down to her underwear even in public.

Governments Try To Establish The Cause Of Egyptair Crash Over Mediterranean

Technology  21 May '16

Is There A Link Between The Doomed EgyptAir Flight MS804 And The Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? This conspiracy theory will somehow convince you

There are exactly 804 days between the ill-fated EgyptAir Flight MS804 and Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Marches Across The Country Mark The 100th Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide

School  20 May '16

The Holocaust And Armenian Genocide Education: Darkest Chapters In Human History Will Soon Be Taught In Michigan Classrooms

State law may soon necessitate Michigan high school students to learn about the Holocaust and the 1915 massacre of Armenians.

Northeast Finally Gets Taste Of Warm Weather

Body  19 May '16

Washington Is The Fittest City In The USA: Here’s The Reason Why

Washington, the capital of the United States of America, is also the fittest city.

Islamic Male Circumcision Practice

Autism  19 May '16

Does Circumcision Increase Autism Risk? Experts Are Divided

A study has found that infant pain could lead to autism. Some experts are not convinced.

Miami Catholic School Holds Moment Of Silence To Mark One Week Since Newtown Shooting

Behavior  19 May '16

80 Peruvian Schoolchildren Possessed By The Devil; Experts Struggle To Explain Mass Case Of Demonic Possession

Scores of children at a Peruvian school are reportedly fainting and having strong muscular convulsions alongside with horrifying hallucinations.

NASA Discusses Research Seeking Habitable Worlds Among The Stars

Science  18 May '16

More Evidences Of Alien Life? Unseen NASA Videos Of 1996 STS-80 Mission Capture Alleged UFOs

Unseen footage from NASA’s 1996 STS-80 mission captured alleged UFOs, signifying that alien life does exist in space.

New York City School Bus Drivers On Verge Of Strike

School  18 May '16

Houston School Bus Driver Sexually Abused 2 Elementary School Girls; Investigators Say There Could Be More Sexual Abuse Victims

Investigators revealed that a man sexually abused little girls while he was an elementary school bus driver.

Profit Rises 18 Percent At Target Corp

School Age  18 May '16

Target’s Transgender Bathroom Policy Will ‘Let The Devil Rape Your Children,’ Says Bible-Wielding Mom Who Staged Bizarre Protest At Pro-Equality Shop

A video of a woman carrying a bible while furiously parading around a Target store has gone viral.

Australian Holiday Makers Celebrate 'Schoolies' Week In Bali

Teens/Young Adults  18 May '16

Dangerous New Trend: Sex Roulette Parties, Where Teens Enjoy Unprotected Group Sex Knowing That One Participant Is Secretly HIV Positive, Are On The Rise

Parents should be alarmed with this underground trend that involves teens risking HIV at sex roulette parties.

Members Of The Family A Christian Organization Silently March With A Flag Draped Casket

Mind  18 May '16

Stuck In The Past? Demand For Exorcisms In Idaho Continues To Rise Amidst Economic Boom, Population Growth

Exorcism rates in Idaho keep on surging despite industrialization and population expansion.

53rd annual UFO Encounter in Roswell, New Mexico

Technology  16 May '16

US Government’s Biggest Top-Secret Alien Technology Research Facility Is In New Mexico, Conspiracy Theorists Say; Frequent UFO Sightings In Dulce Support Claims

Some UFO and alien enthusiasts alleged that the real Area 51 is in New Mexico and not in Nevada.

Warner Bros. At Comic-Con International 2014

Sports  16 May '16

Caught On Video: Alleged Time Traveler Watches Mike Tyson’s 1995 Boxing Fight, Records Las Vegas Bout Using Smartphone

Footage of Mike Tyson’s boxing match in 1995 has captured an intriguing image of a spectator, presumably a time traveler.

Zombie Walk Berlin

TV/ Movie  15 May '16

Is The End Of The World Near? American Pastor Claims Zombie Apocalypse Is Happening Now As Predicted By The Bible

An evangelical pastor presented evidences that a zombie apocalypse has already started and doomsday is coming.

Pfizer In Merger Talks With Allergan PLC

Medicine  15 May '16

Pfizer Is Strongly Against The Use Of Its Products For Death Penalty Executions, Tightens Rules On Lethal Injection Drugs

Pfizer has made it clear that its products are intended to save lives and not to take lives.

General Election - Elderly

Body  15 May '16

World’s Oldest Person Alive In The 1800s: 116-Year-Old Italian Woman Reveals Her Secret To Long Life

A 116-year-old woman from Italy is the world’s last living link to the 19th century.

88th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day

TV/ Movie  14 May '16

Sorry, Captain America! Survey Says Spider-Man Is America’s Best Marvel Superhero Of All Time

Americans have voted Peter Parker as the all-time best superhero of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Autism  13 May '16

Single Mom Of 6-Year-Old Identical Triplets With Autism And Intellectual Disability Shares The Joy Of Motherhood Amidst Challenges

An Irish woman has a very positive outlook about motherhood despite raising triplets with special needs.

Cupids Undie Run

Body  13 May '16

Cotton Underwear May Cause Breast Cancer, Infertility, & Miscarriage; Australian Underwear Company Calls For A Fashion Revolution

An underwear company in Australia is changing the way people think about the cotton undies they pull on every day.

Marvel Studios Fan Event

TV/ Movie  13 May '16

‘The Black Panther’ Update: Marvel Picks Lupita Nyong’o as Chadwick Boseman’s Love interest? Captain America, Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch To Join In?

Lupita Nyong’o, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen might join Chadwick Boseman in Marvel’s “The Black Panther.”

President Obama Delivers Commencement Address At Howard University

Education  12 May '16

The Next Great Titan Of Technology? 16-Year-Old Australian High School Dropout Is CEO Of His Own Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company

At 16, a high school dropout from Australia is already running his own tech company that could be worth millions.

'Designer for Tomorrow' Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2016

Teens/Young Adults  12 May '16

A Safe Sex Campaign Or A Marketing Ploy? Durex Asks Unicode Consortium For Condom Emoji To Be Made Available

A condom company wants the Unicode Consortium to add a prophylactic icon to its newest batch of emojis.

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