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Michelle Obama Hosts Kids State Dinner At White House

Autism  31 May '16

Can A Healthy Diet Ease Autism Spectrum Disorder? This Nonprofit Believes Nutrition Is An Important Component In Treating People With ASD

Special diet may not cure autism, but it can definitely ease the condition.

School  31 May '16

‘Sugar Daddy’ For Education: Is This Trend More Exploitative And Dangerous Than Student Loan Debt?

Students seeking “sugar daddies” for tuition and rent have been growing in number in the past years. But is it worth the risk?

Up Close Animal Encounters Entice Tourists To Asahiyama Zoo

Behavior  30 May '16

Parental Discipline Gone Wrong: 7-Year-Old Boy Missing After Parents Left Him In Bear-Infested Area As Punishment

Parents punished their young son by leaving him in a mountainous region, which is home of deadly bears.

Silverback Gorilla Joins London Zoo

Toddler  30 May '16

Did Cincinnati Zoo Make The Wrong Decision Of Killing Harambe The Gorilla To Save A 4-Year-Old Boy? Animal Experts And Animal Rights Advocates Collide

The response team of a zoo in Cincinnati decided to shoot an endangered gorilla to protect a young boy.

1st Annual Xmas Toy Drive Hosted By Chris Brown And Brooklyn Projects

Dads  29 May '16

Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Speaks For The First Time: Nia Guzman Reveals There’s ‘Nothing Positive’ About Co-Parenting With Rihanna’s Ex

Nia Guzman, the mother of Chris Brown’s daughter, broke her silence for the first time.

FINA Olympic Games Synchronised Swimming Qualification Tournament - Aquece Rio Test Event for the Rio 2016 Olympics

Body  28 May '16

Zika Virus Epidemic: Is WHO Risking Global Health After It Rejected Health Experts’ Appeal To Postpone Or Move Rio 2016 Olympics?

WHO has turned down the call to consider suspending Rio 2016 Olympics or staging it elsewhere.

Military Survival Seminar and 'Good Grief' Camp Counsels Survivors Of Fallen Military Personnel

Fun & Games  28 May '16

Memorial Day 2016: How Parents Can Help Kids Understand Memorial Day’s Serious Purpose

As Memorial Day 2016 kicks off, you might be wondering how to make the holiday meaningful to your kids.

Donald Trump Campaigns In California Ahead Of State Primary

Pregnancy  28 May '16

US Election 2016 News & Update: Donald Trump Angered Women After Video Of 2004 Interview Resurfaced, Says Pregnancy Is An ‘Inconvenience’ For Business

Donald Trump said in a past interview that pregnancy is “wonderful” for the woman and her husband, but not for her employer.

Spring Break Hits Florida's Beaches

School  28 May '16

Alarming! Around 1.2 Million US College Students Drink Alcohol On An Average Day; More Than 700,000 Use Marijuana

A huge number of college students drank alcohol and smoked pot on any given day in 2015, according to a recent report.

Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration

Behavior  28 May '16

Concern About Youth Drug Abuse Is ‘Bogus,’ According To Cannabis Supporters; Marijuana Use And Abuse Rates Among US Teens Are Actually Declining

American teenagers' problems with pot declined amidst medical marijuana legalization and cannabis use decriminalization.

Hands Off Safe Schools Rally

School  28 May '16

Are Bullying Victims Partially To Blame For The Problem? This Top Private School Scolds Bullied Kids For ‘Playing The Victim’

An Australian private school is in hot water after advising bullying victims to acknowledge their role in the problem.

The 2nd Annual NAMI & Philosophy Hope & Grace Initiative Luncheon

Mind  26 May '16

Why America Should Take Mental Disorders Seriously Now

If you believe that mental health conditions are not as serious as physical ones, this new study might change your mind.

Louisiana 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Education  26 May '16

Southwest Atlanta Teen Who Was Thrown Into Foster Care Shares Valuable Lessons She Learned The Hard Way

A teen girl from southwest Atlanta turned life's tests into a success story.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Stops By Hour Of Code Workshop Event Within Apple Store

Education  26 May '16

Why Coding Should Be Taught As Second Language To Primary School Children, According to Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that coding should be mandatory in a child’s early education.

'Credible' Terror Threat Shuts Down LA Public School District

School  25 May '16

String Of Bomb Threats Disrupts Schools Across The US; ‘Robotic, Computer-Generated Voices’ Could Be The Cause

The latest bomb hoaxes made against schools across the United States could be the latest example of swatting.

University Of Birmingham Hold Degree Congregations

Education  24 May '16

World's First Surviving Septuplets Graduate From Iowa High School

The McCaugheys, the world's first septuplets to survive infancy, are ready to go their separate ways after graduating high school last Sunday.

2016 Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con

Fun & Games  24 May '16

Lego Toys Are Becoming More Violent To Attract Children’s Attention In The Digital Age, Study Says

According to a new study, Lego products have slowly turned brutal in the past years.

'Set Fire To The Stars' - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

School Age  24 May '16

Want Your Child To Make It In Hollywood? ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Actor Elijah Wood Has A Warning

Hollywood is not only the home of the film industry; it is also the haven of child sex abusers, according to “The Hobbit” actor Elijah Wood.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Southeast Asia - Day 3

Science  23 May '16

Life After Death: British Scientists’ Groundbreaking Study Reveals Answer To The Greatest Question In The History Of Mankind

A large scale scientific study has confirmed there is life after death.

Yahoo Set To Invest $20 Million In Snapchat

Education  23 May '16

Florida High School Sparks Controversy Over A Disturbing Snacpchat Video Scandal Involving A Teen Girl And 25 Male Students In Bathroom

A Florida high school is in hot water after a disturbing video, involving a female student and a group of boys in bathroom, was spread around the campus.

Soyuz TMA-16M Spacecraft Launch Preparations

College Success  22 May '16

From Not-So-Good Students To Most Accomplished Alumni: New Jersey School Renamed In Honor Of Identical-Twin NASA Astronauts Mark And Scott Kelly

An elementary school in New Jersey has changed its name to laud the achievements of famous NASA astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.

Florida Celebrates Spanish Explorer Ponce De Leon

Education  21 May '16

Racially Motivated Bullying Or Mere Accident? Texas Mother Files Lawsuit After Her Black 12-Year-Old Daughter Came Home From School Outing With Severe Neck Burn

A young black student suffered from a severe rope burn around her neck during a school trip. She and her mother believed it was not an accident.

Target - Runway - MBFFS 2014

Development  21 May '16

Baby’s Height Does Not Solely Depend On Parents’ Genes: Family Bonding, Active Play & Diet Can Also Influence Baby’s Growth, Study Says

Researchers said that environmental factors are as vital as genetics in a baby’s height.

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