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Health  7 May '17

Measles Cases In Minnesota's Somali Community Increase After False Information Dissemination From Anti-Vaccine Groups

A Somali community in Minnesota is now suffering an increased number of measles cases after anti-vaccine groups disseminated information regarding vaccines causing autism.

Linwood Michael Kaine

Family Life  9 March '17

Senator Tim Kaine's Son Interrupts Protest For Donald Trump, Gets Arrested On Second-Degree Riot Suspicion

The son of Senator Tim Kaine was arrested after attending a protest for Donald Trump.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

Family Life  6 December '16

Gender Neutral Parenting: Is It Breaking Stereotypes On Children Or Denying Them Clarity?

Some parents have adopted the gender neutral parenting approach. Despite the parenting style's good intentions, experts have slammed it and stressed that it is confusing children and denying them clarity on their identity.

Anton Martynenko

Teens/Young Adults  30 November '16

Man Sentenced In Sextortion Scheme For Tricking Boys Into Thinking He's A Modelling Agency Manager, Lets Them Send Nude Photos

A man reportedly tricked a total of 155 teenage boys to sending him nude photos after posing as a modelling agency manager.

Teen Tranny Daughter Gets Lawsuit Filed By Mom After Transitioning With No Consent

Behavior  25 November '16

Minessotta Trans-Teen Gets Lawsuit Filed By Own Mom After Transitioning With No Consent

A 17-year-old transgender girl was allowed by Minnesota law to undergo gender reassignment without parental consent.

Free Backpacks Are Distributed To Needy Students Ahead Of New School Year

Toddler  28 October '16

Kids In Tantrum: Dad Collates Hilarious 'Logical Reasons' Toddlers Cry & What Parents Can Do About It

Crying toddlers are often hard to manage with but with these great tips, parents can raise a tantrum-free child if practiced often.

Rand Paul, Cory Booker, And Kristen Gillibrand Discuss Medical Marijuana Bill

School Age  14 September '16

Kids On Cannabis: Should Pediatricians Consider Medical Marijuana For Their Patients?

Considering some possible benefits, is it time for pediatricians to recommend medical marijuana for their patients?

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Family Life  12 September '16

Paid Parental Leave News & Updates: Who Would Take Advantage Of Paid Parental Leave?

As the conservatives urged the government for paid parental leave, widely-accepted analysis and past evidence revealed that women of child-bearing age would pay for the said benefit.

The Royal Melbourne Show 2014

Body  15 August '16

Children Living On Farms In Midwest America Face Death And Agriculture-Related Injuries & Accidents

Children on farms often perform basic farm chores like feeding the cows and cleaning manure. Sometimes, however, they get involved in incidents that could end up in death.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Sentenced In Bank Reporting Case

Politics  24 June '16

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Allegedly Abused Young Athletes, Spends First Day in Federal Prison

The former U.S. House Speaker, Dennis Hastert has spent his first day in federal prison.

Mall of America Holds Halloween Party For Children

Health/Nutrition  23 June '16

This American State Ranks FIRST In Child Care And Well-Being; What State Is LAST?

Know the best and worst states to raise children in the United States.

June 7 will be celebrated as Prince Day to commemorate the late singer

Dads  8 June '16

'Prince Day' Declared in Minnesota to Mark Late Singer's Birthday

Minnesota Governor signed a proclamation to celebrate June 7 as Prince Day

Two Killed In Shooting On Campus Of UCLA

School  3 June '16

UCLA Shooting News And Update: Gunman Mainak Sarkar's 'Kill List' Found In Minnesota Home

A 'kill list' was found at the Minnesota address Mainak Sarkar led the police to a note he left at the crime scene. In the list were the names of two deceased victims and an unnamed professor who was saved from assasination by being absent during the day of the shooting.

New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina Holds News Conference At A Brooklyn School

Bilingual  30 May '16

Bilingual Education In The US: How The Benefits Of Teaching Two Languages Extend Beyond Schools

The U.S. is seeing the benefits of dual-language programs. Learning English and other languages side-by-side can benefit students in the future, serving as their advantage in the work force.

36th Annual NAACP Image Awards - Show

TV/ Movie  4 May '16

Singer's Love Child Might Inherit His $300 Million Estate

Prince is said to have a lovechild that can possibly inherit his fortune.

AIDS Activists Stage Large Demonstration March Outside International AIDS Conference In DC

Body  29 April '16

Minnesota Records 24 Percent Hike In HIV/AIDS Infection Rate Among Teenagers, Drug Users and Minorities

Minnesota saw a rise of people infected with HIV/AIDS. Teenagers, minorities and drug users are the main carriers of the disease.

Berlin Inaugurates Gender-Neutral Toilets

Politics  13 April '16

Transgender Bathroom Bill: Parents And Lawmakers Are Torn About Proposed Legislation

Learn more details about the arguments of both sides about the controversial bill.

Camden Combats AIDS One Street At A Time

Infant  10 February '16

Six Infants Die of Syphilis, Health and Medical Professionals Urge Awareness and Funding For Sexual Health Education

The death of six infants is creating a stir in the medical industry for the funding of sexual health education, as a preventive measure. Awareness is key to put a stop on the possible increase in the number of victims of this STD.

A little boy getting a vaccination.

Family Life  8 April '15

Vaccination Debate & Controversy: Anti-Vaccine Parents Can't Claim Benefits?

A new controversy surrounding vaccine benefits now have parents reeling. ABC Australia reported that parents who have not had their kids vaccinated might just get refusal from receiving governmental benefits.

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