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Wal-Mart Prepares For 'Black Friday' Shopping Mania

Teens/Young Adults  6 February '17

Orlando Walmart Shooting: Suspect Shot Dead By Customer, Teen Tried To Steal Diapers

The 19-year-old teen was with three to four accomplices who fled the scene using a stolen vehicle.

Sex Trafficking sting in Orlando, Florida

Teens/Young Adults  21 October '16

More Details Emerge Over Death Of 14-Year-Old Florida Teen Lured To Sex Trafficking, Forced To Ingest Xanax While Commanded Into Prostitution

A 14-year-old teen died from drug overdose as she was forced to ingest Xanax while forced into prostitution.

Alligator Snatches 2-Year-Old Boy From Lake At Disney Resort

Toddler  7 September '16

Family Celebrates Third Birthday Of The Boy Killed By An Alligator At Disney World

Matt and Melissa Graves, together with a hundred more people, celebrated Lane Graves' first birthday in heaven and could have been third birthday here on earth.

Two Killed And At Least 15 Wounded At Night Club Shooting In Ft. Myers, FL

Family ♥ Story  26 July '16

Shooting in Florida Nightclub: Mom Of Killed Teen Prepared Her Son For Possible Gun Crime

The mother of one of the killed teenagers in the recent Florida nightclub shooting warned her son and advised him to know the exit doors, duck in the floor and hide under a table. Unfortunately, her son was shot in the parking lot.

Car crash

Health/Nutrition  7 July '16

Text-to-911: Why The Emergency Hotline Texting Service Isn't Available In All States

After the Orlando shooting, many have talked about the accessibility and availability of a 911 texting service in all U.S. states. This may accommodate reaching the emergency hotline while stuck on situations when calling is dangerous.

2016 Gay Pride Parade Marches Through Philadelphia

Mind  22 June '16

Homophobic Tendencies? Maybe Not! Orlando Pulse Night Club Gunman Begged Gay Man to Date Him

Orlando gunman begged another gay man to date him though a dating app.

South Korea Commemorates 2nd Anniversary Of Sewol Disaster

School  22 June '16

High School Teachers Must Learn How To Properly Handle Emotionally Traumatized Students

High school educators play a huge role in helping emotionally traumatized pupils cope with their experiences and the horrific events they see through the media. Teachers are urged to display composed and proper coping skills.

Alligator Snatches 2-Year-Old Boy From Lake At Disney Resort

Toddler  17 June '16

Disney Alligator Tragedy : Man Claims It Was Not a First, Says He Survived An Attack When he was Eight

A man has come forward saying that the Disney alligator tragedy that killed a two-year old boy earlier this week, is not the first.

Orlando Continues To Mourn The Mass Shooting At Gay Club That Killed 49

TV/ Movie  16 June '16

Orlando Shooting News & Updates: Heinous Crime Experienced By Pulse Victims; Parenting Flaw Detected In Omar Mateen?

Omar Mateen's history and relationship with his father and his peers is now placed in questioning. Many are connecting his killing spree in Orlando with his past experiences and relationships.

49 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

News  15 June '16

Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Reportedly Was A Regular Client In the Nightclub He Attacked

According to several employees and regulars, Mateen regularly visited Pulse nightclub.

Doctor Who Stars Visit Sydney As Part Of Their World Tour

TV/ Movie  14 June '16

‘Doctor Who’ Spinoff ‘Class’ To Feature LGBT Lead Character! [Details]

"Class" will feature a gay lead character with a boyfriend whom he loves. Writer Patrick Ness revealed the news in the wake of the nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

National Rifle Association Holds Annual Meeting In Louisville, KY

Travel  13 June '16

Orlando Shooting Underlines Gun Control Issue: Outcry For Gun Violence Measure Renewed

The recent Orlando mass shooting renewed attention gun control issues in the US, renewing calls for more strident gun violence measure

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

TV/ Movie  13 June '16

Orlando Shooting Incident: Here's What To Do To Help The Victims

Here are some ways we can help the victims of the Orlando shooting incident.

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

TV/ Movie  12 June '16

Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting Victims And Families Remembered And Honored At Tony Awards 2016

The 70th Tony Awards ceremony is dedicated to the victims and families of the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S.' history. President Obama and other groups have called Omar Mateen's shooting spree at the Pulse gay nightclub as a hate crime against the LGBT community.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

News  13 May '16

Prince William, Kate Middleton Divorce: 'Insensitive' Duchess of Cambridge Grounds Prince Harry’s Brother? Does Not Trust Husband Any More?

Kate Middleton reportedly grounded Prince William and forced him to stay at home than join Prince Harry reminisce Disney World memories with Princess Diana.

Chinese Students Attend Summer Camp For Overweight Kids

Health/Nutrition  17 April '16

Weight Loss Barriers: What Is The Greatest Barrier That Prohibits Weight Loss?

Several weight loss tips are made available, but most doesn't work. According to recent studies, it is important to focus on mental motivation when it comes to weigh loss regimen.

Julia Childs Centennial Celebration

Parenting  12 April '16

7 Kid-Friendly US Cities To Visit For Summer

Plan your family's summer activities early with these city recommendations.

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Parenting  19 March '16

Miranda Lambert Launches Pet Product Line

Country singer Miranda Lambert introduces a new line of pet products which also helps in the rescue and adoption of dogs and cats.

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