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St. Charles shooting

Teens/Young Adults  12 March '17

St. Charles Shooting Leaves Two Teen Girls, One Man Dead In Luxury Condominium Complex

A man and two teenagers were found shot to death at a condominium complex.

Wal-Mart Prepares For 'Black Friday' Shopping Mania

Teens/Young Adults  6 February '17

Orlando Walmart Shooting: Suspect Shot Dead By Customer, Teen Tried To Steal Diapers

The 19-year-old teen was with three to four accomplices who fled the scene using a stolen vehicle.

University of Southern Mississippi student falls to his death

Teens/Young Adults  10 January '17

Baytown, Texas Home Shooting Injured Three Teenagers; Motive Remains Unclear While Suspects Still At Large

Three teenagers were injured after a shooting took place at a home in Baytown, Texas.

Pines Hill gas station shooting

Teens/Young Adults  13 December '16

Two Teenagers Arrested In Pine Hills Shooting; Mother, Innocent Bystander Dead After Shooting Ensued

Two teenagers were arrested in the death of a mother and the injury pf four others.

Ava Castillo

Toddler  6 December '16

Ava Castillo Murder Case Update: Three Teenagers Charged In Death Of Toddler, No Bond For The Trio

Three teenagers are believed to be responsible for the death of four-year-old Ava Castillo.

Charges Filed Against MN Police Officer In Fatal Shooting Of Philando Castile

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

U.S Universities Want Criminologists To Empathize With Criminals: Strategic Change After Police Shootings.

Tension rises in the US after police shootings in multiple events where black people are targeted in many cities.

Police line

Teens/Young Adults  25 November '16

Heartless Attackers Gun Down 16-Year-Old Miami Teen While Walking Home From McDonalds

A teenager was gunned down by two men while he was walking home from a McDonalds.

Ava Castillo

Toddler  17 November '16

Heartless Robber Kills Four-Year-Old Girl After Attempting To Get Mother's Purse; Mom And Another Daughter Injured

A four-year-old girl was killed and her mother and sister were wounded.

Brooklyn Teenager With Hairbrush Fatally Shot By NYC Police

Dads  4 November '16

Shooting Incident In New Jersey Kills 2-Year-Old Boy And His Uncle, Residents Complain About The Rising Gun Violence

A 2-year-old boy and his uncle were shot dead in New Jersey. The residents of the area are alarmed at the increasing shooting incidents.

Utah school shooting

Teens/Young Adults  27 October '16

Student Shot By Another Student Outside Of A Utah Middle School, Schoolmates Witnessed Shooting

A student was shot by a fellow student at Utah Middle School.

Beaverton Shooting

School Age  7 October '16

Father, Two Children Found Dead; Police Believe It Is Murder-Suicide, Victims Identified

Police officials believe that the death of a father and his two children is murder suicide.


Teens/Young Adults  29 September '16

South Carolina Elementary School Shooting: Suspect Kills His Father Before Injuring Three Others

Three people are injured and one was killed after a teenager opened fire at an elementary school in South Carolina.

HBO Ballers Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere and Reception in Miami

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  26 September '16

Pro Wrestling Stars The Rock, Alberto del Rio and Kevin Nash Make Headlines Outside of The Ring

The Rock, Alberto del Rio, and Kevin Nash are recently making headlines outside the world of professional wrestling.

 Mothers Of Sons Killed In Police Shootings Attend SC Forum Supporting Clinton

Family Life  17 August '16

Son of Chicago Cop Visiting From College Was Shot To Death Before He Could Surprise His Sick Mom

New York college student Arshell Dennis flew to Chicago to surprise his sick mom, but was shot to death while talking to a friend on Saturday night.

Dallas Mourns Killings Of Five Police Officers

Family Life  11 July '16

Dallas Shooting Victims: Sniper Killed Dads, Husbands, And Protectors Of The State

A vigil was held in honor of fallen policemen, which included dads, in the Dallas shooting last week.

Car crash

Health/Nutrition  7 July '16

Text-to-911: Why The Emergency Hotline Texting Service Isn't Available In All States

After the Orlando shooting, many have talked about the accessibility and availability of a 911 texting service in all U.S. states. This may accommodate reaching the emergency hotline while stuck on situations when calling is dangerous.

49 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

News  15 June '16

Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Reportedly Was A Regular Client In the Nightclub He Attacked

According to several employees and regulars, Mateen regularly visited Pulse nightclub.

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

TV/ Movie  13 June '16

Orlando Shooting Incident: Here's What To Do To Help The Victims

Here are some ways we can help the victims of the Orlando shooting incident.

Gun Control Activists March Across Brooklyn Bridge

News  5 January '16

Alarming Rate Of Accidental Shootings By Children In 2015; Parents Advised With Gun Safety

A recent study conducted by the gun-control advocate group Entertown shows the shocking frequency of accidental shootings in 2015 by children in the USA.

2007 Perseid Meteor Shower

News  11 August '14

Perseids Meteor Shower 2014 [August 11-12 Live Streaming & Peak Times]: Perseids Play ‘til Tuesday

With the closest extra supermoon we’ll witness for another two decades orbiting just beyond our atmosphere this past weekend, many found that the radiating light-pollution was a distraction to the real show; the Perseids meteor shower.

Isla Vista Mass Shootings

News  6 August '14

Gun Violence in the News: Is Mental Illness to Blame?

Observing recent shootings such as the tragic events of Isla Vista at the University of California, Santa Barbara this past Spring, researchers and lawmakers alike have begun looking into limitations on the right to bear arms. But with media influencing the public perception of gun-violence in the United States, and pro-gun lobbyists defending the second amendment and their Constitutional rights, lawmakers are forced to question the role that mental illness plays in these mass killings.


Education  21 October '13

Shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada, Two Minors Shot

A school shooting occurred this morning at Sparks Middle School in northern Nevada and early reports say "some people" were shot during the shooting

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