Mom Asks Strangers to Send Mail to Daughter After Dad and Godfather Die Only Weeks Apart

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A mom asks strangers to send mail to her four-year-old daughter after her dad and godfather died weeks apart. She is hoping people could help make her toddler smile after a rough year.

According to ABC/Fox affiliate WGGB/WSHM, in 2020, Lilly Sedlak suffered two losses after her dad and godfather died. On January 27, she will turn four, and her mom, Dorothy Sedlak, only wished for a simple thing from the community.

Loves receiving mails and helping other people

Dorothy told the outlet that her daughter loves the mail, and every time her grandmother would take her to get the mail, she would do it for her. She explained that her toddler loves helping everyone do things.

Dorothy turns to their Holyoke community, hoping she could help make her daughter smile again. She and her daughter saw what every mom, wife, or child would ever want to see in June.

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Shocked upon seeing the death of her husband

WGGB/WSHM reported that Dorothy saw tons of police cars everywhere when they came up the hill one day. She said she leaped out of the car even before she reached the entrance. Soon, the mom and daughter duo found that Lilly's dad, Brandon, died.

The 28-year-old dad had suffered complications caused by an unexpected medical condition. The outlet also reported that four weeks after the tragic incident, Brandon's best friend also died through suicide. Dorothy wrote in the Facebook post that their favorite boys were gone too soon.

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Wanted to make her daughter happy again

She wanted to make her daughter's fourth birthday special to make up for the loss she had suffered. Dorothy asked her Facebook followers to send her daughter birthday cards. She said that her daughter loves getting mail from the mailbox, especially when the mail is for her.

We are so thankful and overwhelmed by the amount of response my request for mail has gotten. Just 24 hours later we... Posted by Dorothy Sedlak on Sunday, January 3, 2021

Dorothy wrote in the post asking if anyone is willing to send her daughter a birthday card, letter, or a drawing. The mom explained that what her daughter needs are not gifts but to open cards and letters. The toddler also loves looking at a pretty picture.

Besides that, Dorothy also said that her daughter loves the color violet, and she even advised that people should not confuse it with purple color. Lilly loves cute stuff like flowers, animals, and unicorns.

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Overwhelmed by the tons of mail they received

Dorothy said that within the day, they received "a stack of Amazon packages." Since then, Lilly's mail has continued to grow. Dorothy shared on Friday a photo of herself while holding the stack of envelopes sent for her daughter.

It was composed of 75 cards, and later, she shared her daughter's smiling photo while opening 85 cards. Dorothy told "PEOPLE" that Lilly has been blown away by the people's response and has never expected it to happen. She said that they have been grateful to all the people who sent them so much love.

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