Time: The Best Gift Parents Can Give Their Child This Holiday Season

By Avery McClaren, Parent Herald November 24, 04:00 am

Time goes by faster during these days. In addition to the daily load of work or business, there are too many parties to organize, shopping lists to tick, and charities to visit and extend Yuletide cheer. But as the busiest time of year approaches, parents sometimes forget about their children and their needs. So, what do you think is the best gift parents can give to their kids?

Determined to make things spotless in preparation for their families' perfect Christmas experience, parents may forget the reason why they are so busy in the first place - their loved ones. A child, especially a young one, cannot manage without the aid of mom and dad to help with homework or that dance number that needs more practice.

The Sentinel agrees that the modern world is so busy. People work long hours and worry they don't spend enough time with their children. Parents yearn to spend quality time with their brood but they also need to commence on completing their Yuletide to-do lists.

How can they do both without their children feeling like second priority? Moms and dads can ask their kids to go with them and experience the holidays together.

During Christmas shopping, taking their youngsters with them can help inculcate the value of giving and sincerity. By starting early with traditions that emphasize the true meaning of the holidays and the caring thoughts behind gift-giving, parents can help mold their kids' perspectives and what it means to both give and receive all year long, remarks Kids Health.

In addition, allow children to tag along during outreaches for them to understand that it is not all about their holiday wishlist. It is all about other children, too, especially the less fortunate, whose teddy bear has discolored to gray because the road has strewn dust all over their humble abode or the child with well-worn sneakers as he has traveled on foot for so long without much transportation.

Also, engage the child in stimulating activities like cooking for Christmas parties, decorating wreaths or picking out a tree. Allowing kids to participate may not chop time of parents' need to get things done but at least, it is time well-spent. Children acquire new skills be it social or technical and gain a clear perspective on the spirit of the holiday season.

Time is such a prized possession, especially these days. Spending precious hours with children makes it clear to them that they are not only important, but most significantly - priceless.

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