'SiREN' LATEST Revew: Grooms To Be, Be Scared, Be Very Scared! [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald December 02, 05:40 am

The movie "Siren" is definitely an addition to the movies having the horror and thriller themes. It may not have been apt for the holiday season but horror movies give the excitement and heart-pounding effect that many viewers expect.

According to Horror Freak News, the movie "Siren" revolves around a bachelor party turned horrendous. The bachelor party becomes a savage fight for survival. This is the case when one of the groomsmen unleash a predator during the celebration.

The movie "Siren" is written by David Bruckner, Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. It is directed by Gregg Bishop and cast includes Hannah Fierman, Chase Williamson, Justin Welborn and Michael Aaron Milligan.

The movie "Siren" also is considered to have a feminist subtext at work. The men literally find themselves as the butt of the joke. This movie definitely deals with straight male anxiety.

Lily, the deadly mythological siren that was unleashed has a following and is considered commendable. One of the biggest positive aspect of "Siren" is a formidable, charismatic antagonist played by Justin Welborn. Mr. Nix, Welborn's character sells Lily is a secret club as ultimate peepshow.

Chase Williamson as the groom Jonah is also considered a supportive lead. Movie-goers will find it easy to believe that he is a good man wanting to respect his fiancé and at the same time wanting to appease his brother. The brothers appear to be estranged. Both are hoping that the bachelor party will bring them together and make them closer.

"Siren's" exciting scene is the fight in the diner. Jonah listens to music to block out Lily's mind-controlling siren song. This shows that the protagonist is smart but also puts Jonah at a disadvantage he can't hear Lily creeping behind him.

As added by New York Times, Siren is directed by Gregg Bishop and released by Chiller Films. The movie has few good special effects but too noisy to be suspenseful. The movie "Siren" is comparable to Amateur Night shown back in 2012.

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