Ikea Pays $50M Settlement For Accidental Deaths Of Three Toddlers Caused By The Company's Malm Dressers

The accidental death of three toddlers after they were toppled over by Ikea's Malm dressers has cost the company up to $50 million.The three children have been identified as 22-month old Ted McGee, Curran Collas and Camden Ellis who died in 2014.

The incident has prompted Ikea to release a video to raise awareness of the possible danger brought about by the Malm dresser, especially if these are not secured to the walls. Due to the tragic incidents, Ikea recalled the dressers six months ago.

"We would never want other parents to have to experience what we have been forced to endure," Ted's mother, Janet McGee, said. "This has been a tragic, heartbreaking season for us and our family, and no amount of money will make up for the loss of our sweet little boy."

Up to 29 million chests that did not conform with the U.S. voluntary industry standard requirements were recalled by the company in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, according to World Breaking News. In Canada, a total of six million Malm dressers were recalled.

The Malm dressers, which are made of fiberboard and particleboard, are considered among Ikea's popular do-it-yourself drawers. The payout, which was decided after two mediation days among Ikea and the lawyers of the families, is said to be the largest ever for this type of settlement.

Washington Post narrated how Jackie Collas, Curran's mother, recalled her horror when she discovered sometime in July 2015, her son with the blond wood Malm dresser on top of his chest. Even though the recall of the Malm dressers was made only six months ago, Daily Mail said Ikea was already aware of the risks posed by the deadly dresser.

Meanwhile, reports show that between 1989 to 2015, there were already 14 reports of Malm tippings made. The report also shows the Malm dressers caused four injuries and five deaths.

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