Donald Trump's New Education Plan Might Cripple Around 1,200 Public Schools In New York

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 11, 04:00 am

The new policy established by Donald Trump to cut down on the federal aid given to public schools will undermine the education of thousands of students in New York. According to the latest study, Trump has decided to take away billions of dollars from public schools and utilize that money in the private sector of education.

The move will reportedly have disastrous consequences for public education. It will cause the general standard of education to decrease, largely for almost 700,000 students in New York. 

As the number of faculty members decreases, class sizes would increase and there would be lesser extra-curricular activities after school. According to Metro, the standard of education for New York's neediest students would also decline.

It was also reported that around 1,200 schools will suffer after the implementation of this policy. However, Trump's change in policies was posing a serious threat to Title 1, the legislation that has been helping the underprivileged students to complete their education, and it might be taken away.

Nevertheless,  Yakima Herald reported the idea is still being discussed and analyzed. A congressional meeting is also scheduled later in this week, which might determine the fate of Title 1. The authorities would also analyze details of the new policy and the effects it would have.

In this meeting, incoming education secretary Betsy DeVos, an ardent advocate of private education, will specifically talk about the impact of Trump's plans in the voucher and charter schools. But what is clear though is the fact that depriving around 1,200 public schools of financial funds, which was used to pay teachers, guidance counselors and to bud other necessary school amenities, would lead to a serious drop in the quality of education for underprivileged students.

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump's education plan? Do you believe it will end the public education system? Share your thoughts below. 

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