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STD In Pregnant Women

Moms  24 April '17

STD Awareness Month: Pregnant Women Need STD Testing, Michigan Health Officials Urge

STD infection during pregnancy poses huge health risks for both mom and child, so health officials recommend getting tested for early prevention and treatment.


Teens/Young Adults  8 November '16

STD In Teens Reach All-Time High, Most Number Of Cases Recorded In California; What Is The Reason Behind This?

STD in teens is said to be on the rise and California has the most number of cases.

New Report: Half Of Recent College Graduates Under- Or Unemployed

Body  18 August '16

These Are The Most Common Health Mistakes Millennials Should Stop Now

A new survey found that millennials are proud to be "work martyrs" and are likely to immerse themselves in their jobs than their older counterparts. Millennials are less likely to use their vacation leaves and are prone to making mistakes or disregard their health that could worsen later on.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Medicine  21 July '16

STD News And Updates: Chlamydia May Be Prevented With A Vaccine Developed By New Research

A recent research has developed a vaccine that may treat chlamydia and even possibly prevent it from being acquired in the first place.

Hottest Day Of The Year So Far

Medicine  18 July '16

Gonorrhea To Become Untreatable Soon? Drugs For Treatment Ineffective Against The Sexually Transmitted Disease

The CDC said that the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria may be have bacome resistant to azithromycin and ceftriaxone drugs, which is used to treat gonorrhea. Doctors said there's a possibility that gonorrhea will become untreatable soon.

Women Empowerment In An AIDS Ridden Society

School  28 June '16

Education Trends: Society Lacks Sex Education Resulting In Teens Making Unwise Decision With Copulation

Schools and other educational institution must step up in giving quality education.

'Know For Sure' Poster

Body  10 June '16

USPSTF Urges High-Risk Individuals To Take Syphilis Screening, Cases Of The STD Continue To Increase

US Preventive Services Task Force is urging high-risk individuals including men who have sex with other men and HIV-positive people to undergo screening tests for syphilis.

116th Tournament Of Roses Parade

Body  4 May '16

Bert And Ernie Use In An STD/HIV Ad: 'Sesame Street' Reacts

As Bert and Ernie have been rumored to be more than just close pals, an STD/HIV testing company used the "Sesame Street" stars in a promotional ad.

Rio De Janeiro Celebrates New Year's

Puberty  29 April '16

Sex Education Among Teenagers Drop; Gene That Determines When You Will Lose Your Virginity Found

Genes influence when people will lose their virginity. British researchers found that the gene pattern, aside from influencing early sex, also provides risk-taking behavior and puberty.

Health Clinic Provides Free HIV Testing To Mark National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

School  17 April '16

Formal Sex Education In The US Experiencing A Downturn

A new study suggests that there's a decline in the number of teens receiving formal education from parents and schools.

World Hepatitis Day - Photocall

Health/Nutrition  8 April '16

Baby Boomers Are Ordered To Undergo Hepatitis C Test By CDC

Calling the attention of all baby boomers out there. The CDC is requiring you to get tested for hepatitis C.

Camden Combats AIDS One Street At A Time

Infant  10 February '16

Six Infants Die of Syphilis, Health and Medical Professionals Urge Awareness and Funding For Sexual Health Education

The death of six infants is creating a stir in the medical industry for the funding of sexual health education, as a preventive measure. Awareness is key to put a stop on the possible increase in the number of victims of this STD.

Josh & Anna Duggar

News  4 December '15

Mom Anna Duggar Gets Tested for STD After Adult Film Star's Claim of Unprotected Sex With Husband Josh Duggar [Rumor]

Anna Duggar's painful journey from husband Josh Duggar's cheating scandal continues. After pornstar Danica Dillon claims that he had unprotected sex with the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michele Duggar, rumor has it that Anna is taking action and getting tested for STD.

Fourth Adult Film Actor Tests Positive for HIV Amidst Condom-Law Fights

Health/Nutrition  24 June '15

Teens Create 'Smart' That Glow In The Dark When an STD is Detected

Safety measures especially when it comes to engaging in sexual activities have been constantly advocated by numerous groups in the past years. With the growing number of people falling victims to sexually transmitted diseases (STD), or sexually transmitted infections (STI) particularly among the youth of today, the recent proposal submitted by a group of pupils could not have come at a more opportune time.

Some young adults confessed they are willing to have sex with someone who has STD

Health/Nutrition  18 February '14

Some young adults confess they are willing to have sex with someone who has an STD

A recent study found that 20 percent of young adults are willing to have sex with someone who has an STD.

Some kids may be at risk for developing STDs later in life

Family Life  12 February '14

Some kids may be at risk for developing STDs later in life

Young kids who grow up in well-managed households, enjoy school, and have friends who stay out of trouble contract fewer sexually transmitted diseases, according to a new study from the University of Washington.

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