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Ph.D. Students Are  More Prone To Experience Mental Health Concers

Children  19 April '17

Ph.D. Students Are More Prone To Psychiatric Disorders, Study Finds

A recent study found that Ph. D. students are more prone to experiencing mental disorders.

Water Snake Wigglies

School  24 March '17

Wisconsin Father Gets Angry After Principal Accuses His Daughter Of Selling Sex Toys At School

A Wisconsin father became irate against the principal of the school where his daughter goes to after the school official accused the father's daughter of selling sex toys.

Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins

Teens/Young Adults  20 March '17

Teacher Abducts Former Student; Authorities Believe Abduction Was Planned

A 15-year-old teen is missing and it is believed her former teacher abducted her.

Katie Nash

School  16 January '17

Punishment Too Harsh? Maryland School Employee Fired For Responding To Student's Mispelled Twitter Post

A Maryland school employee was fired over a tweet asking a student for incorrect spelling.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Ohio Ahead Of Election

Mind  30 November '16

Dealing With Test Anxiety: Taking More Tests Is The Key To Getting Better Grades

Studies have found that taking practice tests, a form of retrieval practice, results in deeper learning and can improve your memory on a test at a later date.

New Yorkers Enjoy Summer Weather In October

Autism  23 November '16

Along The Autism Spectrum: A Tour Through The Campus Life

The social challenges of people on the spectrum can impede their likelihood of thriving not only in college, but also after graduation.

Dr. Seuss Receives A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Dyslexia  21 November '16

Oklahoma Children With Dyslexia Give Up From Public Schools

Parents of children with dyslexia say public schools in Oklahoma are failing to identify and educate these students.

Michelle Obama Delivers Commencement Address At The City College Of New York

School  9 November '16

US Education: Is The Burden Of Free Education Unbearable For The US?

Free college education might seem highly appealing but unfortunately remains a utopia for the United States and fellow Americans.

Arabs And Muslims Rally In San Francisco

School  19 October '16

Oklahoman Teacher Gets Into Trouble After ‘To Be White Is To Be Racist’ Rant Went Viral

A teacher makes a controversial claim in class that offends a student.and gets the teacher into a pit of trouble.


School  22 September '16

Fistfight At Philadelphia High School: Teacher And Student Engage In Brawl, Teenager Charged While Educator Is Being Investigated

A high school student and a teacher engaged in a fistfight. A video recorded by another student confirmed that both the student and the teacher were active in the confrontation.

Chinese Children Take Field Survival Training

School  26 July '16

Narrowing The Achievement Gap: How A Summer Program Can Help Low-Income Students Develop Skills

A Montgomery five-week summer program aims to help low-income families to build their children's academic skills while it's vacation season. This would help narrow the achievement gap that according to research, widens during summer.

NUS Demo

School  13 July '16

Are Student Loans in the United Kingdom Becoming Too Much? Student Loans Described as a "Second Mortgage"

The financial turmoil in the teriary education sector is now puting off students from going to college.

Student Loan Demonstration

College Success  27 June '16

Debt-Free College: The Fool-Proof Way To Reduce Student Loan

Columnist and author John Wasik teaches parents and students how to go to college without needing to apply for a loan at all.

Secondary School

Behavior  8 June '16

Teacher Sends Personalized Notes To Her Students After Learning One of Her Student’s Attempted Suicide

After teacher learned of her student's plight, she did what she can do in order to save her life, by writing a note. She also sent her other students a note to show that she cares for each one of them.

Weak Durable Goods Report Suggest Economic Growth Slower Than Expected

School  26 May '16

Student Stabbed By Another Student In School's Bathroom At Palm Beach County

A student stabbed another student with a pocketknife inside the male's bathroom. The student was taken to a hospital immediately and the attacker had to be put on custody.

One-Room School Struggles With IRS Error

School  11 May '16

Teachers: Dos And Dont's For Handling Difficult Students

Dos and don'ts in dealing with the tough kids.


SPED Kids  4 April '16

Building Blocks Teaches Preschool Students with Autism To Improve their Skills

Building Blocks is a program that focuses on helping preschool students with autism to improve their communication skills.


Health/Nutrition  24 March '16

A Student with Rare Condition Makes Her Suffer Hangover for Three Days

An undergraduate from Hertfordshire suffers three days of hangover after drinking due to a rare illness. She was diagnosed with the fibromyalgia last year, a condition that will affect her for the rest of her life.


News  9 April '14

19 students, 1 adult injured in Pittsburg high school stabbing

Some 19 students and 1 adult were injured Wednesday morning in a Pittsburg high school stabbing, officials say. A 10th grade male student has been taken into custody.

Frances Chan, Yale student

Health/Nutrition  8 April '14

Yale student forced to gain weight or leave school

A Yale student claims that her university threatened to kick her out of school if she did not gain weight.

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