'Beauty And The Beast' New York Screening

Dan Stevens' Wife And Kids: 'Beauty And The Beast' Actor Says Kids Unimpressed He's Famous, Thanks Supportive Wife

Dan Stevens, the leading man in "Beauty and the Beast," has three children with Susie Harriet, a jazz singer.

by Amanda Moore

'This Is Us' Cast

'This Is Us' Cast Share What Valuable Parenting Lessons They Picked Up From Their Hit Show

Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown and Chrissy Metz reveal what they've learned from "This Is Us." Read on.

by Amanda Moore

'Beauty And The Beast' New York Screening

Here's The Biggest Parenting Lesson From Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Live-Action Film

Disney's "Beauty And The Beast" with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens is set to open in theaters this Friday, March 17.

by Amanda Moore

Miley Cyrus Was A Former Disney Star

Disney Young Stars Attend 'Life Classes' To Help Cope With Fame, Avoid Scandals

Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are three of Disney's biggest stars who weathered through scandals.

by Amanda Moore

Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys Have A Baby Together

'The Americans' Star Matthew Rhys Talks Parenting, Raising Bilingual Baby With Keri Russell

Matthew Rhys is a dad for the first time but his partner has two older children from a previous relationship.

by Amanda Moore

Parents Lara Bingle And Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington In 'The Shack': Exploring Fatherhood, Harsh Parenting And Faith In God

The film has been tagged as a religious movie, but it's also about being a dad and parent.

by Amanda Moore

The World Premiere Of Disney's Live-Action 'Beauty And The Beast'

'Beauty And The Beast' Gay Character Draws Backlash; Reverend Warns Parents, Alabama Theater Bans Movie

The latest Emma Watson-Dan Stevens starrer isn't even in movie houses yet but some people are already saying they won't be watching this with their kids.

by Amanda Moore

Casey Affleck

Amid Casey Affleck's Best Actor Backlash, He Spills Regrets About Not Thanking Kids In Acceptance Speech

The "Manchester By The Sea" actor won at the recently held Academy Awards, but he forgot to mention his kids during his acceptance speech.

by Claire Parker

Mahershala Ali Welcomes Baby Girl! Find Out His Daughter's Name

Mahershala Ali Celebrates Oscar Win With New Baby Daughter, Talks Difficult Childhood Without A Dad

It's been a great year for the "Moonlight" actor, who won his first Oscar just days after welcoming his first child.

by Amanda Moore

Cast Of Parenting Show 'The Real O'Neals'

Parenting On TV: Funniest Sitcoms That Influence Moms And Dads In Real Life

TV families live in a make-believe and sometimes absurd world, yet many can relate to what the characters experience.

by Amanda Moore

Nella The Pincess Knight Goes Into Unchartered Territories

Children’s Role Model: Nickelodeon’s Biracial Princess Nella Gets Thumbs Up

Nickelodeon came up with a new princess character that will provide a better gender role model to children.

by alexa ancheta

Jonathan Ross Appears In 'Parenting For Idiots'

'Parenting For Idiots' Proves Celebrity Parents Also Struggle With Raising Kids; Learn From Their Mistakes! [WATCH]

The new show about parenting provides a refreshing and entertaining look into the ups and downs of raising kids.

by Amanda Moore

Peppa Pig Not A Good Character For Kids

Best TV Shows For Preschoolers? Expert Says Not All Cartoons Are Good, Describes 'Peppa Pig' As 'Selfish And Manipulative'

Professor Manya Whitaker suggest her five best and worst programs for young children.

by Amanda Moore

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'Fifty Shades Darker' - Arrivals

Jamie Dornan Owns Up To 'Fifty Shades' Causing A Baby Boom, Admits To Knowing All 'Frozen' Songs Like Any Parent

The father-of-two does sex scenes for the big screen but belts out kiddie songs with his daughters in the car.

by Amanda Moore

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Mandy Moore's Parents Her Toughest Critics? They Think She's 'Mean' On Parenting Show 'This Is Us'

The actress plays a wife and mom of three kids in the family series on NBC.

by Amanda Moore

NBCUniversal's 74th Annual Golden Globes After Party - Arrivals

Parenting On Television: Why There Should Be A Dedicated TV Network For Parents

Television can be a great tool for learning, so why is there no specific channel for moms and dads?

by Amanda Moore

The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Cocktails

Mel Gibson's Comeback: Hollywood Dad Celebrates With New Baby & 'Hacksaw Ridge' Oscar Nomination

Congratulations are in order for Mel Gibson for two wonderful blessings: a baby and a recognition!

by Amanda Moore

Matthew McConaughey Visits 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Matthew McConaughey Gets Candid Over His Family & Being 'Captain Fun' For 'Gold'; Will His Kids Join Hollywood?

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves are proud parents to three children - Levi, 8 Vida, 7, Livingston, 4.

by Amanda Moore

Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Hand And Footprint Ceremony

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone & Ben Affleck Share Most Embarrassing Stories About Their Moms [WATCH]

They might be famous in Hollywood but their mothers can still put them in a tough spot.

by Amanda Moore

Red Carpet Arrivals Of Lucasfilm's 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

'Rogue One' Parents' Guide: Is The Newest 'Star Wars' Movie OK For Kids? What Parents Need To Know

Moms and dads might be big fans of the franchise, but will it be appropriate to let the little ones watch the new film with them?

by Amanda Moore

Let's Play Blue's Treasure Hunt Part 8

Know The Real Reason Why Steve Burns Left The Iconic TV Show 'Blue's Clues'

Steve Bruns from "Blues Clues" opens up as to why he bid the iconic TV show goodbye.

by Abbie Kraft

New York Press Conference For THE HATEFUL EIGHT

'Twin Peaks' Actor Tim Roth Reveals Surviving Sexual Abuse, Claims Grandfather Was A 'F---ing Rapist'

He has long addressed his dark past but today, the actor has finally come out to name his abuser.

by Amanda Moore

'The Lion King' Adaptation Currently Planned For Production

Disney’s Live-Action 'The Lion King' In The Horizon - To Be Produced At The Same Time As "The Jungle Book" Sequel?

Jon Favreau stunned audiences when he revived Walt Disney's animated The Jungle Book earlier this, followed by the sequel confirmation then lately, a "The Lion King" adaptation announcement.

by Grace Jones

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