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Idaho Advanced Opportunities Program

Parenting  11 April '17

Idaho HS Students Get $1,500 For Graduating Early In Advanced Opportunities Program

Observers describe Idaho's Advanced Opportunities Program as unique as no other state has this online system and no state rewards students for graduating early.

Mom Sentenced Of 5-Year Probation After Feeding Infant Daughter With Kool-Aid, Watered Milk For Months

Issues  5 April '17

Mom Faces 5-Year Probation After Feeding Infant Daughter With Kool-Aid, Watered Milk For Months

A 21-year-old mom, initially sentenced of 10-year jail time for felony injury to a child, will have to face years of probation after nearly starving her eight-month-old daughter.

John R.K. Howard

Teens/Young Adults  22 December '16

White Football Player Won’t Face Jail Time After Plea Deal Despite Sexually Assaulting Black Teen With Disability; State’s Decision Slammed?

The state of Idaho entered into a plea deal with a white football player acquitting him from spending time behind bars in a sexual assault case of a black teen with disabilities.

Medical marijuana

Toddler  8 November '16

Medical Marijuana News: Idaho Mother Loses Custody Over Kids After Giving Marijuana Butter To Daughter To Relieve Seizures

A mother no longer has custody over her two children after she gave a homemade marijuana butter to one of her kids to relieve her seizures.

Whitley Evenson

Infant  11 October '16

Missouri Teen Accused Of Killing Weeks-Old Daughter, Woman Battling Breast Cancer Arrested After Being Mistaken As Suspect

A Missouri teenager is accused of killing her weeks-old daughter and another woman, who is undergoing breast cancer treatment, was arrested for the crime she did not do.

Profit Rises 18 Percent At Target Corp

Teens/Young Adults  14 July '16

Transwoman in Target Idaho Caught Taking Photos Of Teen While Changing In Dressing Room

A transwoman was arrested after taking photos of a teen girl at a Target store in Idaho when she was trying on a swimsuit at the dressing room.

Members Of The Family A Christian Organization Silently March With A Flag Draped Casket

Mind  18 May '16

Stuck In The Past? Demand For Exorcisms In Idaho Continues To Rise Amidst Economic Boom, Population Growth

Exorcism rates in Idaho keep on surging despite industrialization and population expansion.

Prince Joachim And Princess Marie Leave Hospital With Newborn Princess

Infant  3 May '16

It’s A Girl For The Underdahl! Couple In Idaho Welcomes Baby Girl In Family After 101 Years!

After a 101-year string of boy births, the Underdahl finally welcomed a baby girl in the family.

Lewis Road Creamery's New 'Breast Milk' Comes Under Scrutiny With Breastfeeding Advocates

Feeding  27 April '16

Breastfeeding Mothers Should Never Mix Their Breastmilk With Water

A 10-week-old baby died after she was fed with breast milk diluted with water.

In search for the right combination

SPED Kids  27 April '16

Mental Health: Openly Talking About The Stigma Makes It Easier For Individuals Cope With Bipolar Disorder

A mother of a 16-year-old teenager opened up about her son's bipolar disorder. Openly talking about his bipolar disorder helped her and his son break the stigma.

U.S. Christians Mark Start Of Lent With Ash Wednesday

Family Life  27 April '16

Legal Action Set Against Parents in Religious Sect Who Refuse Medical Treatment for their Children

A religious sect is udner fire for refusing to seek medical treatment for their children. Members rely on prayers, alternative medicine, and faith to cure kids.

Dr Michael Shermer Promotes His Book 'The Moral Arc. How Science Leads Humanity Toward Truth, Justice, and Freedom'

Parenting  14 April '16

Fundamentalist Parents Turn Down Daughter’s Life-Saving Surgery Due To Deep Religious Beliefs

A family's religious tradition has prevented their daughter from having a life-saving heart surgery. The issue has sparked debate in Idaho whether or not to repeal the state's child fatality laws.

A businessman is preparing to reset clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

News  15 March '16

Why States are Looking Into Abolishing Daylight Saving Time

Here's the reason why there are states that would like to get rid of Daylight Saving Time.

Crowning fire in spruce forest

News  11 March '16

Principal Left Homeless As His Students Allegedly Burn Down His House

Two students allegedly destroyed their Principal's house by setting it to fire after being suspended for prescription drug use.

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