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GoPro cameras

Trending News  27 November '15

GoPro Hero 5 Release Date & Price Rumors

GoPro Hero 5, although a release date has not been set, is reported to have a video resolution superior to that of Hero 4's. From the 4K resolution from Hero 4, Hero 5 is said to have an 8K resolution.

Costco Wholesale

Trending News  26 November '15

Costco Chicken Salad Tied To E Coli Spread

So far, no confirmed deaths linked to the recent E. coli outbreak have been reported. Costco has yet to provide a comment on the matter.

child and video game

Trending News  26 November '15

Persona 5 Trailer and Release Date news

Game director Katsura Hashino promises that the delayed "Persona 5" will be worth the wait.


Trending News  26 November '15

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Game details revealed

The upcoming video game will feature scenes from the last Shinobi World War.

Child with dog

Toddler  26 November '15

Here's What Pets Can Do For Your Kids' Anxiety

Here's more proof that dogs can be beneficial to children.

Pope kissing a baby

Parenting  26 November '15

Kiss From Pope Francis Shrinks Baby Tumor

Parent says baby's tumor shrunk after a kiss from Pope Francis.They described it as a miracle.

Theo James Shailene Woodley

Trending News  25 November '15

Divergent: Allegiant Part 2 Trailer and Plot Updates

Four's childhood is said to be given focus in "Allegiant" Part 2.

Bindi Irwin

Trending News  25 November '15

'Dancing With The Stars' Season 21 Cast: Bindi Irwin Dedicates Emotional Performance to Late Father, Steve Irwin

The Australian actress' touching performance made her family, the audience and judges cry.


Trending News  25 November '15

Dell Apologizes for Security Mishap and Offers a Solution

The tech giant apologized for the security issues, but are still thankful for customers who brought up the problem. The company has provided instructions to remove the issue.

Final Fantasy

Trending News  25 November '15

'Final Fantasy 15' Gameplay Details and Rumors

Game development team answered fan questions about the game on different forums.

Brandon Routh

Trending News  24 November '15

'Legends of Tomorrow' Trailer & Release Date

The teaser for trhe upcoming film has been released!


Trending News  24 November '15

Rihanna New Album 'ANTI' Release Date is Black Friday?

The article is about the songstress' new album and concert tour details.

divorce issues

News  24 November '15

Divorce Rate Drops Due to Cohabitation

The cohabitation of couples decreased the divorce rate, study finds.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

null  24 November '15

Cavallari Welcomes Baby Girl

The reality star welcomes new baby girl.

Unhappy family

News  24 November '15

Divorce or Stay? Children Prefer Parents To Split Than Stay Together 'For The Kids'

Children prefer parents that are unhappily married to split than stay together for the sake of their kids.

human fetus

Pregnancy  20 November '15

Texas Law Forces Women to Induce Their Own Abortions

New study reveals women perform their own abortions since getting medical assistance can be expensive.

Krysten Ritter

Trending News  20 November '15

Jessica Jones on Netflix

The series will focus on the titular character, a private investigator who suffered from PTSD and now running her own detective agency.

Adele performing live

Trending News  20 November '15

Adele's '25' Album Not Available for Streaming

Adele's latest album release won't be avaialble in Spotify.

Doug Flutie

Trending News  19 November '15

Former Football Star Doug Flutie's Parents Die an Hour Apart

Former Football star Doug Flutie announced the death of his parents on Facebook.

judge's gavel

News  19 November '15

Judge Steps Down from Lesbian Couple Case

Utah judge steps down from the lesbian couple case after receiving criticism from LGBT groups.

Kate Middleton

Trending News  19 November '15

Kate Middleton Pledges to Support Kids with Mental Health Problems

Kate Middleton addressed mental health issues in children during her public speech.

YouTube generation

Toddler  19 November '15

YouTube App for Kids

A child-friendly version of YouTube launches outside of the United States.

Santa Claus

Trending News  19 November '15

A $35 Fee to See Santa Claus

Parents were angry because a mall in NJ required a $35 fee to see Santa Claus

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