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John Kasich

School  8 February '17

Gov. John Kasich's Education Plan: Half Of Ohio Schools Might Lose Money If Enrollees Are Decreasing In Number

Northridge and Benton-Carroll-Salem are just some of the schools that might be stripped off its budget.

Chanel Lewis

Family Life  7 February '17

Father Of Accused Killer Does Not Believe Son Is Guilty Of Murdering Queens Jogger Karina Vetrano

The victim was killed in August and the accused apparently confessed to the crime.

Country Thunder USA In Florence, Arizona - Day 3

News  7 February '17

Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Hospitalized After ATV Accident; Britney Spears, Father Ask For Prayer

Maddie, 8, remains in stable but critical condition at a New Orleans hospital.

Sixth-Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Los Angeles - Red Carpet

Pregnancy  7 February '17

Lauren Conrad Shows Off Baby Bump As She Is Expecting First Baby With Husband William Tell

The Paper Crown designer is in the second trimester of her first pregnancy.

Vermont Battles With Deadly Heroin Epidemic

Infant  7 February '17

New Jersey Mom Almost Died From Heroin Overdose Inside Car, 3-Month-Old Son Found Crying In The Backseat

It's another case of a parent overdosing while supposedly taking care of her child.

Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

School Age  6 February '17

Jacksonville 5-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot By 8-Year-Old Brother; Children Home Alone When Accident Happened

Police learned that the mother left her kids to go to the store, leaving the children without anyone looking after them.

Apple Starts iPhone 6 Sales In Germany

Teens/Young Adults  6 February '17

What Happens To A Teen Who Doesn't Clean Her Room? iPhone Charger Impales Her Foot [PHOTO]

She had the presence of mind, however, to take photos of her injury to post on Twitter.

Holiday DUI Checkpoints Yield Hundreds Of Arrests In Northern California

Health  6 February '17

Dad Arrested For Allegedly Burning 2-Year-Old Son, Police Pursues Case After Family Member Brought Child To Hospital

Michael Shamel Davis, 27, has been charged with risk of injury to a minor.

Suspect in Lefkow Murders Commits Suicide

Toddler  6 February '17

Toddler Found Wandering At Night At Northeast Austin Road, Mother Arrested And Charged

Police are filing a case of child abandonment against 27-year-old Jessica Espinosa.

Wal-Mart Prepares For 'Black Friday' Shopping Mania

Teens/Young Adults  6 February '17

Orlando Walmart Shooting: Suspect Shot Dead By Customer, Teen Tried To Steal Diapers

The 19-year-old teen was with three to four accomplices who fled the scene using a stolen vehicle.

Mill Neck Manor Early Childhood Center

SPED Kids  3 February '17

Worrisome News: Long Island Parents Learn Via Facebook That Special Needs School Might Close Down

Parents of special needs children are worried over the possibility that the school catering to their kids might close down.

Kenneth Suttner

Teens/Young Adults  3 February '17

Bullied Teenager Takes Own Life, Charges Filed Against Restaurant Manager Where Teen Worked

A teenager took his own life after being bullied at work.

Zika Virus

Medicine  3 February '17

New Zika Vaccine Makes Mice, Monkeys Immune From Disease; Is This One-Dose Vaccine The Cure To Zika?

A new Zika vaccine made mice and monkeys immune from the disease.

Iranian man

Family Life  3 February '17

Iranian Man Sent Back To His Country Amid Trump's Immigration Ban Has Emotional Reunion With Family In US

Ali Vayeghan arrived in the U.S. last Friday with a valid visa but was turned away and the ACLU helped him in his case.

New York City School Bus Drivers On Verge Of Strike

SPED Kids  3 February '17

Special Needs Kid Beaten At School, Mother Calling On Pasco County School District For Policy Changes

The boy with special needs has OCD, ODD and Asperger's.

Missing Dartmouth student found dead

School  2 February '17

Dartmouth College Missing Student Found Dead By Authorities, No Cause Of Death Yet

Adam Wright was the president of the International Business Council in the school.

Internet Companies Vie For Market Dominance

School Age  2 February '17

Couple Charged In Death Of 7-Year-Old Son Allegedly Flees To New Zealand After Failing To Appear In First Court Hearing

Prosecutors charged the Minnesota couple Sarah and Timothy Johnson for the death of Seth, who died in 2015.

Boy, 15, arrested after shooting gun inside Boston school building

Behavior  2 February '17

Teen Fires Gun On Another Teen In Boston Public Schools' Administrative Headquarters; 15-Year-Old Arrested, To Be Tried In Juvenile Court

The attacker is going to be arraigned on Feb. 14 following the incident cops believe to be gang-related.


News  2 February '17

Beyonce Announces She Has Two Buns In The Oven, Talks About Heartbreak Over Miscarriage

The multi-awarded singer and husband Jay-Z will soon welcome twin babies.


News  2 February '17

Ciara Talks About Her Babies: Pregnancy, New Album And Gushes Over Very Supportive Husband Russell Wilson

The singer is expecting her second child and a new album release.

Vadim Anatoliyevich Kondratyuk

Body  1 February '17

Sacramento Father-Of-Two Dead After Tooth Infection Was Untreated; What Exactly Caused Man's Death?

A father-of-two died after not taking precautionary measures when he had a toothache.

White and Black students

Education  1 February '17

White Privilege Essay Writing Contest In Connecticut Facing Backlash; Should Teens Discuss Racial Issues?

Parents believe that the organizers overstepped with the chosen topic.

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